This site is still under construction. All the rules for each generation has not been added yet!

Super Legacy Challenge is a challenge for Sims 4 created by me and Isa in 2021. The challenge will update over time since sims will release more packages.

The point of the challenge is to, well, challenge yourself to try new things in Sims 4. Things you may not do normally. Currently, there are over 40 generations to play through, and you can start wherever you want! What are you waiting for? Start your journey now!

1. You can start the challenge wherever you want. But note that some generations need be right after each other.

2. When you are done with one generation, just go to the next one. If all your sims during one generation die, that generation is over. Even if you haven’t done all the parts of that generation.

3. Don’t forget that some generations are limited to biological children, adoptions, etc. So you may want to plan ahead which generation will be the next one.

4. It’s prohibited to use cheats during the challenge that helps you with the challenge. Exception: If the game is bugged or when you want to transfer money between generations. Mods that do not affect the actual challenge are allowed. For example, slice of life, wicked whims, etc. بوسكتس Mods for money loans are okay. Check out my post about my favorite mods for inspiration!

5. You don’t have to do all the things during a generation with just one sim. Another sim from the same generation is allowed to do it too. For example, siblings, spouses, and roommates. Just remember that children are part of the NEXT generation. لعبة طاولة 31 اون لاين مجانا Note that it is okay to start collections during any generation, but you won’t get a point for them if the generation linked to the collection dies out before you’ve finished it.

6. You are allowed to add sims to the household at any time.

7. If a sim dies, it’s dead. You are allowed to bring them back as a ghost: Without cheating. But the ghost is not allowed to continue doing stuff for their generation. The ghost is allowed to adopt children, though. If the ghost gets a spouse, the spouse can’t continue with the generation’s challenges. فريق البير ميونخ The generation is dead, just accept it.

8. You are allowed to create trans sims, gender-neutral sims, etc. But you may want to change the rules for the challenge to make this work.

9. It’s okay if you can’t finish all the tasks for a generation. Just count the points you have gathered!

10. You are allowed to age up to any sim as long as the generation before they are done with all their tasks. You are also allowed to start with any generation’s tasks even if you’re still on the generation before’s tasks.

11. It’s just logical that a parent has a will that says their children will get their money when they die. You are allowed to use money cheats to transfer money to the next generation. But only as much as they have! Don’t forget the money from “selling the house when they die” too!

12. What happens if the rules say you are just allowed to have two children and you get triplets? Well, you only get points for two of the children. But read the rules for each generation, some generations are stricter than others.

13. Did you finish the challenge and want to do more? When you are finished, you are allowed to go back and finish all the stuff you didn’t do! If you don’t want to do this, you count all the points you’ve gathered and be proud of yourself!

GenerationExpansion 1Expansion 2Expansion 3AspirationCareerCareer 2TraitsSkillsSupernaturalCollectiblesSecretsNeighbourhood
1Cats and DogsCats & DogsDjurens vänStilinfluencer - StylistVeterinärHundälskare, KattälskareVeterinär, DjurträningFjädrarBrindleton Bay
2Snowy EscapeSnowy EscapeExtremsportsentusiastLöntagare - KontrollantKroppsarbeteBro-simBergsklättringMySims-troféerMt. Komorebi
3Snowy EscapeCity LivingBodybuilderIdrottare - KroppsbyggareKritiker - MatkritikerAktivTräningSimmisar
4Get To WorkGet FamousMästerlig skådespelerskaSkådespelerskaIdrottare - ProffsidrottareSjälvupptagenSkådespeleriAlienRymdstenarDel Sol valley
5Get To WorkGet To WorkExtraordinär målareMålare - Realismens mästareKonstgalleriKreativ, KonstälskareMålningRymdtryck
6Base GameStorsäljande författareSkribent - FörfattareStilinfluencer - StylistBokmalFörfattande
7Base GameMusikaliskt geniUnderhållare - MusikerFrilansare - KonstnärMusikälskareViolin
8Eco Lifestyle Discover UniversityGet To WorkMästermakareJuridik - DomareFrilansare - HantverkareSkapare, ÅtervinningsadeptFabricationGeoder
9Snowy EscapeCity LivingVampiresSamhällets fiendeKriminell - BossLöntagare - ExpertOflörtig, ElakOrgelMetaller
10Base GameRackartygschefKriminell - OrakelFrilansare - Paranormal detektivKleptomanRackartygSpöken