Star Stable Tracks XP

This is a complete list of all the tracks on Jorvik. I thought it would be nice to have it closeby to choose how I want to level my horse today. There are so many tracks, man. How are we suppose to know which way to go? Anyway, A big thank you to Ebba Deerwin for the list!

P.S. If you find any errors in this post, please let me know! I’m a lousy counter, honestly.

Total XP for all tracks: 13950

Golden Hill Valley (1000 xp)

Goldenleaf Racetrack125
Goldenleaf Racetrack – in reverse125
Small jumping course125
Goldenleaf Gauntlet250
The Goldenleaf Forest Racing Track125
Jasper’s Old Racetrack125
Jasper’s Old Racetrack, reversed125

Vineyard (1325 xp)

The Baroness’ First Show Jumping Course125
The Baroness’ Second Show Jumping Course125
The Baroness’ Third Show Jumping Course125
Silverglade Working Equitation: Beginner Level150
Silverglade Working Equitation: Intermediate Level150
The Flower Garden Race150
The Vineyard Race250
Pauline’s new Cross-Country Track125
Pauline’s Track, reversed125

Silverglade (1450 xp)

The Baroness’ racetrack250
The Observatory Race125
Marley’s Race250
Marley’s Barrel Race125
To Catch a Rabbit125
Windmill Race125
Steve’s Race250
Recycling (x5)200

Moorland (1175 xp)

Ydris’ Magical Circus Race Spectacular175
Xin’s Big Top Butterfly Race150
Bobcats Basic Track125
Bobcats Elite Track100
Wild Bobcat Track250
Bobcats Beginner Jumping Training125
Bobcats Intermediate Jumping Training125
Bobcats Show Jumping Circuit125

Fort Pinta (525 xp)

The Pony Race100
Fort Pinta Scenic Circuit250
Mayor Peanut’s Fitness Circuit175

Valedale (2050 xp)

Hollow Woods mounted orienteering150
Hollow Woods Race125
The Valedale Race250
Pole Bending Apocalypse125
Druid Training: First of the Day400
Druid Mission: First of the Day500
Druid Training, standard200
Druid Mission, standard300

Dino Valley (125 xp)

Hidden Dinosaur Race125

Firgrove (2500 xp)

Firgrove Cross-Country Race250
Minka’s Tricky Timber Track125
Minka’s Tricky Timber Track (Reverse)125
Ranch Races, Solo (All)400
Ranch Races, Challenge (All)400
Mary’s Animals (All 4)1200

Mistfall (600 xp)

Mistfall orienteering200
Bramble Gorge Race200
South Mistfall Forest Race200

Wild Woods (725 xp)

Redwood Point Jumping Race125
Redwood Point Orienterring125
The Ranger Wilderness Race125
Save the butterflies!150
Pistachio’s Gathering Mission150
Athena’s Pottery Duel50

Forgotten Fields (150 xp)

Elli’s Challenge150

Harvest Countries (1125 xp)

Jorvik Stables Competition100
The Jorvik Stables Elite Competition100
Lizzy’s Jumping Competiton150
The Paddock Island Wilderness Race125
Jarlaheim Harbor Competition100
The Greendale Race150
The Gentle Greendale Race150
The challenging Greendale Race250

Epona (625 xp)

The Crescent Moon Village Race150
The New Hillcrest cross country track250
A competition for horses that can tölt225

South Hoof (575 xp)

The Hermit’s Racetrack125
The new South Hoof Racetrack150
South Hoof Show Jumping150
South Hoof Working Equitation150

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