GENERATION ONE – The animal lover

A classic love story between two ambitious souls. One works as a style influencer and one owns their own veterinary clinic. durvet ivermectin pour on dewormer 250ml in aurora colorado

Career: Style influencer – Stylist Branch (1 point reaching the top)
Career 2: Veterinarian (1 point per clinic’s stars when the generation dies)
Traits: Dog Lover, Cat lover (1 point each)
Skills: Veterinarian, Pet training (1 point each reaching max)
Collections: Feathers (1 point for full collection)
Neighborhood: Brindleton Bay (1 point for living there)
Family: One man and one woman. One child. (1 point for child)
Exactly two cats and one dog. These animals do not have to be in the household at the same time. (1 point for each animal)

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